Alaska, Mexico and Beyond…

“One Journey Leads to Another”

Around the City

The city of Oaxaca snakes through connecting valleys in the approximate center of the State of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. The elevation of 5110 feet  (1778 meters) makes for a temperate climate with average daytime temperatures from 75-85 F at this time of year. The sun shines all day, every day!

View of Oaxaco

Photo taken from the Cerro del Fortín, which is the peak right behind where we live. The church in the foreground is El Templo de Santo Domingo, about a ten minute walk.

Zócalo 1

The Zócalo (plaza) is the bustling center of life in the city. It’s a happenin’ place, day or night!

Noche Buenas (poinsettias)

Noche Buenas (poinsettias)

The Zócalo is a 10 minute walk from our apartment. A variety of events…orchestra music, congo drums, mimes, vendors, fireworks…takes place all  at the same time!

Sunday afternoon at the Zócalo

Sunday afternoon at the Zócalo
Stars of the Night

Stars of the Night

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