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Inside the Mountain

We all felt like those wobbly-headed dolls after the 2 ½ hour bus ride from Oaxaca over bumpy roads and what seemed like a thousand topes (speed bumps). But the cave of San Sebastian de las Grutas was worth every jolt!

Huffing and puffing at 1700 meters (5577 ft.) altitude, we trudged up a steep hill and entered through an opening in the mountainside, followed a trail of about 400 meters (1312 ft.), and exited through an opening in the other side of the mountain!

Walking to the Entrance

Walking to the Entrance

The limestone cave has five rooms with heights of 20-70 meters (65-230 ft.) Giant stalactites and stalagmites are still being formed by acid rainwater dripping through and dissolving the limestone.

Limestone  Formation

Limestone  Formation

The cave system has several branches but only one of them has been explored. Guides with strong flashlights accompany all visitors, as there are no lights or handholds inside the cave.  Depending on the size of the group, the guides supply some extra lights, but it’s a good idea to bring your own, if for no other reason than to improve your photography!

Entering the Cave

Entering the Cave

You could make the most of the bus ride by spending a couple of nights in one of the eco-cabins that are nestled among towering sabinos or tules (bald cypress trees). The park like area is great for hiking, bird-watching, swimming in a nearby creek, or just relaxing.

Ready to picnic

Ready to picnic

Following is a gallery of photos taken in and around the cave.

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3 thoughts on “Inside the Mountain

  1. Darby Jo on said:

    Breathtaking images! Better than a full spread in National Geographic! I can almost feel the texture as I view each one in detail. Keep sharing. I am enjoying the trip!!

  2. Thanks for the glowing comments! If only NG wanted to pay me!

  3. I love those inside photos. I have once been in a cave in Crete and it was unforgettable experience.

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