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Mexico City from the Turibus Top

Viewed from the air, the metropolis of Mexico City is awesome in its enormity. Located in the Valley of Mexico at an altitude of approximately 2200 m (7217 ft.), the city embraces the surrounding mountains and creeps up their slopes. The city and its 25,000,000 inhabitants are guarded by (or threatened by!) the active volcano Popocatépetl,  5426 m, (17,802 ft.). Tenochtitlán, the original Aztec city on this site, was conquered by the Spaniards in the early 1500’s, and they eventually rebuilt the city in the Spanish Colonial style.

Downtown Mexico City (Feb. 2012)

Downtown Mexico City (Feb. 2012)

During a recent bus trip from Oaxaca to Colima, we spent a couple of nights in Mexico City. The open top of a double-decker bus was the best way to get an overview of  the historical  city center.  Tree tops shaded us and sometimes brushed our faces as the bus wound through commercial and residential areas. Sleek modern skyscrapers contrast sharply with elaborate styles of the past.

Styles of the Centuries

Styles of the Centuries

Monument to Benito Juárez the only Indigenous president of Mexico

Monument to Benito Juárez the only Indigenous president of Mexico

Winged Horse Statue

Winged Horse Statue

We definitely look forward to exploring Mexico City in more detail!

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6 thoughts on “Mexico City from the Turibus Top

  1. What fascinates me about Mexico City is the fact that it keeps sinking every year, which is very logical as it was built on a site where land was reclaimed by draining the lakes which were present before the Spanish conquered the city.

    • Along those lines, I have read in numerous accounts that when Cortés and his men first saw Tenochtitlán they were almost overcome by it’s beauty. Then they proceeded to totally destroy it. What kind of thinking is that????

  2. It’s alway,s nice to read and see your postes thank you

  3. Great photo report. I did love it.

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