Alaska, Mexico and Beyond…

“One Journey Leads to Another”


Bees are in a frenzy at this time of year, madly zooming from flower to flower. Except for these two. They found a flower they liked and stayed put – for the night. The one on the dahlia, who appeared to be a nectar lover, drank his fill and spent the night. I checked several times to see if he were actually alive! I wondered if he had drunk so much he couldn’t get lift off, or if he had nectar hangover.

The bumble bee on the marigold seemed to be collecting pollen, but he also slept (or whatever bees do) on his treasure trove. It was fairly cool that night,(36 F.) so in the morning I set the plant in the sun. Pretty soon I could see his little abdomen pulsing, and in about a half hour he was gone.

Nectar Bee

Spending the night on a dahlia

Marigold Bumble Bee

Pollen Spreader

I have not seen this behavior in any other bees, but it certainly gave me opportunity to practice every imaginable camera setting!

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9 thoughts on “Bee-havior

  1. Beautiful photos, Marilyn!

  2. Bee photos make me miss my orb weavers at #4. The offspring haven’t found their way to my new and improved digs. Phone call with Sheryl today, who said she saw you at a market recently. She also said she is VERY tired of canning veggies!

    • Perhaps we should look for some and move them to an improved home! Sheryl has a huge garden and greenhouse. Our is about 1/4 the size and is plenty for us (though of course we don’t have to make it through the winter!) I can’t imagine dealing with what she has. I’ve canned rhubarb and frozen some to give away, and frozen a few snow peas that we will eat before we head your way!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous photos Marilyn! —Jadi

  4. Karen Zeller on said:

    One of it he great joys of traveling is meeting people like you. I so I hope we will meet up again someday…..and I love your blog!

    I’m in Arizona again where I just finished my first full week of teaching. Not even exhausted this morning….good. I am so I happy to be challenged, productive and in contact with the energy of the students and all the realities of my colleagues, who are underpaid, stressed to the max, but so professional.

    I think I should be doing this til the body, or maybe the mind, says no.

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Gorgeous macros – amazing indeed.

  6. Great pics!! Really love the pollen spreader shot. I haven’t seen bees in Chile….just a lot of spiders (big uglies too!)

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