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A Word A Week: Lines

Lines in Art

Painting with lines

Painting with lines, Oaxaca

Wall Art

This appeared to be drawn on paper, cut out, and glued to the wall. Oaxaca, Mexico

Wall Art 2

Across the street from Wall Art 1, probably created by the same artist.

Lines in Nature

Flowering Tree

Tree Lines – I am searching for the name – does anyone know?!
Oaxaca, Mexico

Lunch Line

Lunch Line

Lines of Man

Life Lines

Life Lines

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8 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Lines

  1. sbinshanghai on said:

    Marilyn, this is really nice.


    Susan Burnett Personal and Writing Coach 303-781-5544

    *Let your curiosity bloom in wild and craggy places. It will reward you with the riches of unknown possibilities.*

  2. John Cooper on said:

    Hi Marilyn, such a variety of pictures & so interesting. I’ve been looking for the name of that tree but have found nothing, unless it’s a variety of Ficus, the leaves look the same, but the flowers are completely different (though the same color).
    Best wishes, John & Ann in New Zealand.

    • Hi Ann and John,
      So nice to hear from you, and thanks for the nice comments and information. I have a book here about tropical flowering plants, so I looked up ficus, and it said there are 500-800 varieties! But that definitely gives me a starting point. The guide that sometimes goes on the Friday hikes with us is quite plant knowledgeable, so I can ask him about local varieties of ficus. In all my time in Mexico, I have learned that people seldom know the names of plants.
      As you well know, I am extremely behind in writing…so I’ll get off my butt and write a proper letter.
      Ann, I am knitting my first pair of toe-up socks, class from Craftsy.

  3. Great pics, as usual Marilyn! Thanks for sharing and appreciating the artistry in your surroundings!

  4. Great photos. The second photo from the top is my favorite one.

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