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Hiking Oaxaca: Santa Ana del Valle

Hugging the foot of a mountain in the Tlacolula Valley, the charming village of Santa Ana del Valle was the starting point for the weekly hike of “Hoofing It In Oaxaca.” Zapotec is the common language spoken here, and many people earn at least part of their living by weaving gorgeous rugs and other tapestries.

View of Santa Ana

The village of Santa Ana is in the foreground, and Tlacolula, the largest city in this valley, is in the distance.

Santa Ana del Valle Overlook

Santa Ana del Valle Overlook

From an altitude of approximately 5400 feet, we climbed 1619 ft. (493.5 m.)to a high point of about 7032 ft. (2143 m.) Particularly for those of us used to living at sea level, there was a lot of huffing and puffing! Our rewards were spectacular views in every direction and the opportunity to visit an unexcavated archaeological site.

Ancient Ball Court

This ancient ball court is part of the unexcavated archaeological site at the top of the mountain.

Descending is SO much easier than climbing!

Descending is SO much easier than climbing!

Back in the plaza of Santa Ana, we visited their lovely church and bought handwoven tapestries from friendly local artists.

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10 thoughts on “Hiking Oaxaca: Santa Ana del Valle

  1. Darby Jo on said:

    Hi Marylyn — May I share your blog with a local woman who is starting an e-magazine in 2014. It may be an opportunity to showcase your travel pictures.
    Darby Jo

  2. great photos 🙂 !!

  3. Looks like a great hike! Looking forward to joining you!

  4. sbinshanghai on said:

    What great photos! The archaeological site is fascinating.

  5. What a lovely post full load with great photos. The church of Santa Ana seems to be gorgeous! I am happy that love hiking, so we do also. Before the end of this year, You can start to follow our road trip to the North of Arctic Circle and our hiking.

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Fantino on said:

    I’m glad you like Santa Ana del Valle I was born there, have not got the chance to go back but, seen the pictures is like been there, thank you for shearing them

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