Alaska, Mexico and Beyond…

“One Journey Leads to Another”

Travel Theme: Details 2





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4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Details 2

  1. Alex Hurst on said:

    Love all the details on that building. Really gorgeous. (And those pants!) Great series. 🙂

    • Thanks! The pants are part of the clothing worn for the “Danza de las Plumas,” and these particular ones are made by the rug weavers of Teotitlán. There were about 8-10 dancers and everyone’s outfit was different!

  2. So beautiful all. My favorite is the second one from the top.

    • I’m glad you like these. That church, which is located in the village of Zegache, is my favorite of all churches I have seen here. (and believe me, there are plenty!) it just makes me happy to look at its vibrant colors! There are a few other photos of it in my earlier blog called “Painted Churches.”

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