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Thousands of tourists from other parts of Mexico and the world flock to Oaxaca to enjoy the festivities that take place around the Día de Muertos  (Day of the Dead). The plaza and walking streets surrounding the Santo Domingo Church are hubs of activity for art and craft vendors, musical performances, and puestos (booths or stalls) that offer coffee, chocolate, and pan de muertos, which is a sweet bread baked especially for the celebrations. These stilt walkers cruised the area earning pesos from people delighted to photograph them or even be photographed with them!

Lucky to arrive on the scene just as they were donning their stilts, I sat on the curb and watched all the preparations.

Click on any photo to enlarge it



Just tie on the stilts…


Get up with a little help from your friends…Make some adjustments…

Then stand around and attract immediate customers!


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9 thoughts on “WALKING TALL

  1. Dave and Bettysue on said:

    Nice! Can not wait to get there – we re starting the count down

    Dave and Betta


  2. You always make me want to go back to Oaxaca, haha!

  3. Great pics,, and once again I felt like I was there simply by reading this and enjoying the images. Thanks for sharing, Marilyn!

  4. Great pics–from getting them on, getting up on them, and taking a little rest! I’m glad I take my risks in other ways…

  5. Yup, one fall and we’d be done! It was fun to watch them and at least 10 other activities happening in every direction. A wedding was going on in the church, and it was interesting to watch the preparations of all the groups who celebrate the happy couple as they exit the church – the band, monos, pineapple dancers, guys who carry those giant balls with the name of the bride and groom – all these groups are staged and as the couple comes out birds are released, fireworks blast, the band plays, and everyone dances. Nothing boring here!

  6. Sigh, so interesting. When I was child, one of my hobby was pole walking. My poles were not as high as those in Your photos, but the feeling was great when seeing the world from height.

  7. I’ll bet you had lots of fun – balancing is a real challenge! I wonder if kids still do those simple but really fun things. Thanks for commenting.

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