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HIKING OAXACA: Zegache to Ocotlán

All dressed up for the Day of the Dead festivities, this happy couple greeted us in the village of Zegache, where our hike began.

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The group gathered in front of the spectacular church of Santa Ana Zegache. No matter how many times I visit this church, its vivid colors entice me to take just a few more photos!


We headed out across a  flat and peaceful agricultural valley toward the villages of San Antonino and Ocotlán.  It’s wonderful to see small fields with several  varieties of vegetables instead of gigantic agribusiness farms. People grow many vegetables for sale in local markets, and they use oxen and horses to pull plows and wagons. Farmers in some villages collectively own a tractor and everyone can use it!

Brilliant marigolds and red cockscombs are the favored flowers for Day of the Dead celebrations, and people were cutting them and hauling wagon loads to the cemeteries to use for decorating the graves of their ancestors.


Yet another beautifully painted church in San Antonino



Ocotlán was the home of well known artist Rodolfo Morales, and these are sections of a huge mural he painted behind the portico of the municipal building.

And then… what luck! We spotted a sidewalk mezcal bar and joined some locals for a welcome and unexpected end of hike treat!


For more photos of this and other colorful churches:
For a short biography on Rodolfo Morales:
For interesting information about the saints inside the church:

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7 thoughts on “HIKING OAXACA: Zegache to Ocotlán

  1. Lovely photos! LOVE the colourful church 🙂

    • Oaxaca has many colorful churches, but for me, that’s the best.

    • Of course! Loved this post, it takes me right back to when I lived in Oaxaca in college, such a beautiful city, full of culture, amazing people and REALLY good food. I want to go back every day. Thanks for stopping by our blog as well!

      • I’m glad you liked the post and that it brought back good memories, you’re right about all the reasons to be here! Thanks a lot for following my blog I’m going to try to post about all the hikes. This Friday we are going to Hierve el Agua – you might want to check out a previous post about it, as I think it’s quite a beautiful place. The trails of Oaxaca are waiting for you…

      • Hierve el Agua is awesome, take your swimsuit. I think I went… four times while I was there! Have you been to Monte Alban yet? That is a must see as well! As is the coast, Puerto Escondido is lovely, but Puerto Angel is nice too, and there is a nude beach just up from Puerto Angel is you are feeling adventurous!

  2. Great pictures! You and Dave look tan and happy! The pictures of the church were familiar to me since you took the time to take us there when we visited. Thank you for sharing you life there with us, and for continuing to do so through your blog posts and wonderful photos!

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