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Hiking Oaxaca: El Carrizal

The angle of the rising sun creates brilliant colors as village life unfolds below our cabañas. El Carrizal is the most pastoral and serene of any mountain village that we have explored so far. The town spreads out in a bowl – it WAS the view, in contrast to other villages that offer views of the vast valleys of Oaxaca.


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Delighted by the lovely, peaceful village, hikers began the descent to the valley far below

Delighted by the lovely, peaceful village, hikers began the descent to the valley far below


Cascadas spill over rocky ledges and force their way around boulders, forming streams that meander on down through the valleys, undoubtedly gathering into more cascadas along the way!


A huge variety of plants grow in the Sierras – from this enormous maguey to a tiny cactus. Photographer Impett estimated the quiote (flower stalk) to be 40 feet tall!


Taking advantage of the cold mountain streams, people in many villages have built small trucha (trout) farms and restaurants. This man is catching our dinner – talk about fresh!   Photo by Rick Impett.

Whether hiking, biking, or relaxing with a good book, the friendly people and beautiful vistas of El Carrizal make it a wonderful place to visit!



Photo by Rick Impett




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12 thoughts on “Hiking Oaxaca: El Carrizal

  1. This looks like a great weekend!

  2. How wonderful landscapes. I do love Your hiking post. Than You presenting these photos.

  3. I love the beautiful light on the first picture ! This village looks very nice to visit

  4. This looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Alex Hurst on said:

    Love this photo essay!! As you know, I want to go to Oaxaca so, so bad…. Hopefully some day! At least in a couple of months, I’ll be on the right continent. 😉

  6. I’m glad you like this – I’ll try to keep enticing you…and as you said, you’ll soon be much closer!

  7. Such beautiful, warm light and unique flora you’ve captured there, Marilyn. Are you spending your winters in Oaxaca now?

    Also, I’ve never tried nieve ice cream before. Can you think of a similar fruit or flavor to compare it to?

  8. Thanks, Trisha. I love going to the mountain villages, as the landscapes, plants, and people are all so beautiful!
    Nieve is like a cross between sorbet and ice cream. I’m not sure if any of the flavors have milk, but I don’t think so. There is an amazing number of flavors and unusual combinations. All of the fruit flavors use real fruit, not imitation flavoring, so of course they are all delicious. I’ve had mango swirled with chamoy (a kind of chile sauce), mezcal (local alcohol similar to tequila), and vanilla with coconut and carrots.
    We have spent the last 4 winters here in Oaxaca, from late October to the beginning of April. Our plan is to move here 2 years from now, but we’ll see. A lot can happen in 2 years. We like being able to spend almost all our time outside, the food, culture, and people are wonderful, and there are so many interesting places to explore and things to do!

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