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Cee’s Oddball Challenge #4 TEAMWORK

Standing on a street corner, chatting about the day’s destinations, a friend and I suddenly spotted a tortilla chip that was moving slowly down the sidewalk. Upon closer inspection we saw a brigade of ants lined up around the chip’s edge, toting it off to their secret hiding place.


And those riding on top…slackers or supervisors?

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18 thoughts on “Cee’s Oddball Challenge #4 TEAMWORK

  1. Dave and Betta on said:

    They must be the job creators … I guess even ants subscribe to trickle down theory!

  2. Great odd ball for this week. Thanks for playing.

  3. Great comment on the top riders!

  4. This is a great shot, Marilyn. If I were an ant I would love to ride on top of the chip! 🙂

  5. Without a doubt you would not be a slacker! But wouldn’t it be fun riding on top?

  6. Reminds me of the children’s book “I Can’t Said the Ant”, a whimsical rhyming book about a bunch of ants trying to lift a teapot up from the kitchen floor….”Pick her up,” said the cup,” I can’t” said the ant,” “Please try!” said the pie, “You must!” said the crust, “Don’t be dumb!” said the crumb!” I’m imagining a similar conversation among this group of ants, only no doubt in Spanish! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn!

  7. Great picture! Love the colors, the contrasts and the whole idea. Spot on!

  8. Alex Hurst on said:

    Hehehe, they must be the slackers snacking early. Or they’re the lookouts for birds. I’d personally take my ride under the chip, since at that scale, they’re practically indestructible (and it’d keep me in the shade).

    • We were wondering if they were stocking up for the super bowl. Your idea of staying in the shade is a practical one – maybe this was actually an umbrella for the queen.
      Ants seem to be everywhere now, and they can strip an entire tree overnight, given enough strippers. It’s funny to see them hauling their booty, which can be seeds, pods, flowers, or leaves to secret destinations. I watched one that actually appeared to be stumbling, as the piece he was carrying was so enormously tall he may have been off balance.

  9. This is a great photo and a lucky find. Right place right time. One of the keys to getting great photos

    • I’m glad you like the photo – that’s why we always carry our cameras! It’s fun to watch these ants go about their daily chores, but sometimes at night the entire ant community must come out, as they can strip the leaves from a whole tree.

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