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Cee’s Photo Challenge: Contrast Colors

Contrasting colors in Oaxaca? Too easy.  Oaxaca is awash with bold color combinations. It could be the birthplace of color contrasts! A one hour walk around El Centro provided more photo ops than I imagined.  I did not have to find them – they found me!


Click on any photo for a slide show

If you just can’t decide what color to use…why not use them all!


Photo taken in San Martín Tilcajete



Throughout the day and even at sunset, the colors that surround us are intensified by the beautiful Oaxaca blue sky.




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23 thoughts on “Cee’s Photo Challenge: Contrast Colors

  1. Diane on said:

    Beautiful, Marilyn! Don’t remember if I told you or not, but when Dan and I returned from our visit there, he bought the most vibrant yellow paint, and painted a wall upstairs! I couldn’t figure out how he’d settled on that color, and then it came to us…the influence of Oaxaca! Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the pink and yellow!

  3. Oh Marilyn, these are gorgeous contrasting colors. You used the entire wheel too. Wonderful. 😀

    • Thanks, Cee, I’m glad you like them. Brilliant colors are part of life in Oaxaca. Had I been in Alaska finding these contrasts would be quite difficult. That thought inspires me to see what I can come up with when I return there in a couple of weeks.
      Maybe I just need to pay more attention!

  4. Marilyn, this is a wonderful post! The colors nearly jump off the page! They are so incredibly bright. I’d love to visit Oaxaca someday. It looks like a delightful place.

  5. Amazing colours! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn.

  6. Thanks a lot. The difficult part was not in finding the vivid contrasts that are everywhere in this city, but in deciding which to show!

  7. Awesome beautiful and colorful. Thank You presenting them.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Alex Hurst on said:

    Nowhere like Mexico to show the contrast of colors! It’s such a vibrant cultural color wheel! I always found that interesting…. even Japan prefers its pastels and beige. Nothing too dramatic. Unless it’s for war and imperial in nature.

  9. Interesting comment – interesting priorities of countries, or rather the powerful people in those countries.

  10. I like your perspective in the “Ingrata” shot on top! These colors are so rich! Beautiful! =)

  11. The only response can be, Wow!

  12. Thanks, Jadi, I’m glad you like the shades of Oaxaca! As I look out the window at another Alaska gray day, these colors certainly are motivating!
    (However, I am glad it’s actually raining, as we need help in preventing huge forest fires like the last two years.)

  13. Alex Hurst on said:

    Those colors are gorgeous. There are similarly painted buildings in South Korea in certain neighborhoods. I wish some neighborhoods in the states (besides just the Southwest) would take a chance with some bolder color options…. even if it was just for the downtown area!

    • Thanks Alex, and I totally agree! When we last visited our daughter in Denver, I commented on how boring and unimaginative the colors were in the relatively new area close to where she was living (Westminster area) I would call it “total tan.” Housing developments are the same tepid colors. On a recent trip to Anchorage, we passed one of these, and it made me want to come in the middle of the night and spray paint orange and purple, or maybe hot pink and green….

  14. Thanks so much. We are preparing to return to Oaxaca for several months, and I’m anticipating the vibrant colors, sounds, food, and activity!

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