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Fuzzy Fellow

This hairy looking critter has been hanging out for several days on the trunk of a bougainvillea that is beside our porch in Oaxaca. The best ID I found is that it’s an arctia caja, which is the larva of one type of Tiger Moth.  It is about 3 inches long, and is known in other locations as “wooly bear.” If anyone out there knows differently, please speak up!


I don’t know how long it stays in this stage, but I hope it returns as a colorful moth!

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4 thoughts on “Fuzzy Fellow

  1. They must like it here! Remind me to show you the lime green one I found 1-1/2 months ago munching on a Plumeria leaf.

  2. Looks like what we called “wooly worms.” In our area there was a lady, named Helen Wohlschlager, that gave predictions on the severity of the upcoming winter, based on wooly worm colors. Any orange lessened the severity, more black–or all black, meant a severe winter. Of course, this is in Mexico, and is probably one of many subspecies.

  3. Interesting. I wonder what it could predict here….rain would be good! For about the last week, this wooly guy has disappeared during the day and returned at night to the same spot.

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