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Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Balls

“DARK SIDE OF THE RINGS: This spectacular view looks down on Saturn’s northern regions, with its pole still in the darkness of the northern hemisphere winter. The rings cast a band of shadow across the gas giant world.”

“Michael Benson’s Otherworlds, Visions of our Solar System” is the title of a current exhibit in the Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia. This is a photo of one of his magnificent photographs.

Mosaic composite photograph. Cassini, 20 January 2007. The quotation was the museum’s explanation.

On a much smaller scale, thousands of tiny crabs created millions of tiny balls of sand!
Boyne Island, Queensland, Australia.

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7 thoughts on “Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Balls

  1. Very interesting. Thank You for this post. Happy weekend!

  2. Oh wow, that’s a lot of balls of sand!

    • There were literally millions of them on one area of the beach. Tiny crabs were zooming all over the place and it was funny to watch how quickly they disappeared down the holes as we approached. I guess they could feel the vibration of our footsteps on the sand and ran for safety!

  3. Great information and travel history. I like this type information. Thanks for sharing your information.

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