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Bees are in a frenzy at this time of year, madly zooming from flower to flower. Except for these two. They found a flower they liked and stayed put – for the night. The one on the dahlia, who appeared to be a nectar lover, drank his fill and spent the night. I checked several times to see if he were actually alive! I wondered if he had drunk so much he couldn’t get lift off, or if he had nectar hangover.

The bumble bee on the marigold seemed to be collecting pollen, but he also slept (or whatever bees do) on his treasure trove. It was fairly cool that night,(36 F.) so in the morning I set the plant in the sun. Pretty soon I could see his little abdomen pulsing, and in about a half hour he was gone.

Nectar Bee

Spending the night on a dahlia

Marigold Bumble Bee

Pollen Spreader

I have not seen this behavior in any other bees, but it certainly gave me opportunity to practice every imaginable camera setting!

Weekly Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

I stood in exactly the same place when I took the photos, but I had to crop a little off the left side of the horizontal view because there was part of an ugly building. I try to “crop in the camera,” but sometimes it’s impossible because of available standing room and other factors I can’t control. I much prefer the vertical shot because I was able to include more of that gorgeous fireweed.

Scout Lake Vertical View

Scout Lake, Sterling, Alaska
Vertical View

Scout Lake Landscape View

Scout Lake, Sterling, Alaska
Landscape view

A dead tree stump in the woods next to my house provided the fungus for the next two shots.

Fungus Horizontal View

Fungus Horizontal View

Fungus Vertical View

Fungus vertical view

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRESH

“FRESH” is all about FOOD and/or AIR

Fresh food

Fresh food

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Exceptionally fresh food caught minutes ago in exceptionally fresh air.

Exceptionally fresh food caught minutes ago in exceptionally fresh air.

Travel Theme:Tilted

IMG_7790Located in Old Town section of Kenai, Alaska, this tiny cabin was probably built in the 1800’s. Every year it tilts a little more, and one day it will crumble into the dust of history.

Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme: Simplicity


Reeds in Ohmer Lake, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Kenaitze Dena'ina Indian

Kenaitze Dena’ina Indian
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Sqilantnu, an area of the Kenai Peninsula that is now known as Cooper Landing, was historically the home of the Kenaitze Dena’ina Indians, a tribe of Alaska Natives. The K’Beq’ (footprints) Interpretive Site was established to educate visitors about the culture and lifestyle of the Dena’ina. A boardwalk built beside the Kenai River encircles the site of a home that has long since disappeared, but the depression that was the underground section of the home and another small round depression that was the in-ground “refrigerator” remain. Signs with memories of the Elders were posted along the boardwalk.

Travel Theme:Sculpture





Chain saw sculpture is popular in Alaska, and the sculptures of this artist show off both his talent and sense of humor!

Travel Theme: Peaceful

Kayaking or canoeing on a tranquil river is such a peaceful way to spend a summer day.


Moose River, Sterling, Alaska
Kenai Peninsula

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