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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Z


Cee’s Photo Challenge: Which Way in Guanajuato

Guanajuato, Mexico


Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Balls

“DARK SIDE OF THE RINGS: This spectacular view looks down on Saturn’s northern regions, with its pole still in the darkness of the northern hemisphere winter. The rings cast a band of shadow across the gas giant world.”

“Michael Benson’s Otherworlds, Visions of our Solar System” is the title of a current exhibit in the Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia. This is a photo of one of his magnificent photographs.

Mosaic composite photograph. Cassini, 20 January 2007. The quotation was the museum’s explanation.

On a much smaller scale, thousands of tiny crabs created millions of tiny balls of sand!
Boyne Island, Queensland, Australia.

Cee’s Photo Challenge: Which Way in Brisbane

The city center of Brisbane, Australia offers many modes and routes of transportation: foot, vehicle or boat and bridge, highway or river.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #50: Alternate Entry

Houses in Oaxaca lack chimneys. But never fear, Santa will find another way to deliver those gifts!


Cee’s Oddball Challenge #48: All Spiffed Up

Mexican grasshopper outfitted in true Mexican style!


Cee’s Photo Challenge: Contrast Colors

Contrasting colors in Oaxaca? Too easy.  Oaxaca is awash with bold color combinations. It could be the birthplace of color contrasts! A one hour walk around El Centro provided more photo ops than I imagined.  I did not have to find them – they found me!


Click on any photo for a slide show

If you just can’t decide what color to use…why not use them all!


Photo taken in San Martín Tilcajete



Throughout the day and even at sunset, the colors that surround us are intensified by the beautiful Oaxaca blue sky.




Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge week #10

In Pátzcuaro, Mexico, there is no evil!


Cee’s Oddball Challenge #7: Cow on the Wall


On the rump of the cow it says “Why do you eat me?”
Guadalajara, Mexico

Cee’s Oddball Challenge #4 TEAMWORK

Standing on a street corner, chatting about the day’s destinations, a friend and I suddenly spotted a tortilla chip that was moving slowly down the sidewalk. Upon closer inspection we saw a brigade of ants lined up around the chip’s edge, toting it off to their secret hiding place.


And those riding on top…slackers or supervisors?

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