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Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Leaves

Lush gardens surround the courtyard of Casa Mañana, my favorite of all hotels, which is located in Bucerias, Mexico. During our last visit I spent the afternoon wandering the grounds admiring the huge variety of stately palms wrapped with climbing vines, peculiar tropical flowers and colorfully patterned leaves.

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Alaska shows off colorful leaves too!

To enjoy more photos of leaves, click on the link below:
Travel theme: Leaves

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7 thoughts on “Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Leaves

  1. I like the inclusion of the Alaska picture. The world is so beautifully diverse! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  2. Hi Marilyn, very colourful and vibrant pictures of the plants (amd trees). I was wondering whether you could identify the type of plant in the 2nd picture from the top, on the left – with the dots. I took a couple of pictures of some of those in Guatemala. It made me wonder if that was perhaps where the Mayans got the idea from for their tones (numbers) in the Mayan calendar – the lines and dots… for example a bar (line) and 3 dots for the number 8.

  3. I have a large book on plants, so I will look through it to see if I can find this. I think it is a type of fern and these are where the spores are released, but I will try to find out.

  4. The leaves I saw in Guatemala were in fact not ferns, they were thin leaves, between five and 10 centimetres long, with the exact same design – I can do an online search though, no problem! Thanks for the feedback.

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